Providing Unique Skills And Options

Divorce and family law cases are about protection and setting a better course for the future based on unambiguous agreements. We evaluate options together with our clients. While we always strive for favorable and fair settlements through mediation and negotiation, we are determined to achieve our clients' goals and needs through trial and even appellate representation if necessary. By being strong negotiators, we often get feuding parties to come together, and we uncover opportunities for our clients to receive the most favorable deal possible under their circumstances.

Special Interest In Mental Health Issues And High Conflict Matters

Jonathan D. Gordon has been practicing Law since 1998. He also has an extensive background and experience as a NJ Licensed Psychologist (#1358) prior to becoming an attorney. Accordingly, he has a special interest and insight in matters where mental health issues exist. This includes, but is not limited to high conflict child custody disputes, parenting time disputes, parental alienation, high conflict divorce, domestic violence, child abuse and cases where substance abuse is an issue. Jonathan D. Gordon, who is also a  NJ Licensed Psychologist (#1358) and former N.J. Deputy Attorney General who represented the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (formerly DYFS), is familiar with the issues that arise in forensic child custody evaluations by mental health professionals. He frequently consults with therapists and educational specialists regarding child-related issues in divorce and custody disputes. Jonathan D. Gordon writes a blog on psychological issues that arise in Family Court.

Unique Skills and Options that Can Benefit the Client

Divorce and Family Law cases involve human emotion, and often deal with sensitive and painful realities, and issues. While the goal is for a couple to dissolve their relationship smoothly and in a business-like manner so they can go forward with their respective lives, it is not always easy to accomplish under the shadow of hurt and sometimes angry feelings. Settlements regarding financial issues should be favorable as possible to the clients, while maintaining fairness. Most often, the economic issues can be negotiated or mediated in an amicable manner. We strive to negotiate the best possible outcomes for our clients, whether directly with the opposing attorney, or via mediation. When all else fails, we present the most compelling arguments possible to the Court, on your behalf. The guidelines expected by the Court is for settlements to be fair and equitable. It is our mission to convince the Court that your position is equitable, logical and reasonable, given all of your circumstances. Jonathan D. Gordon is approved by the Superior Court of New Jersey as a mediator for the economic aspects of divorce.

Special Interest in Cases involving Children, Mental Health and High Conflict

When children are involved, the best interests of those children are paramount. While Jonathan D. Gordon has over eighteen years of experience practicing Law after graduating from Fordham University School of Law, he also has an extensive background practicing as a Licensed Psychologist, prior to becoming an attorney. His Ph.D. in Psychology is from Hofstra University and he is licensed as a Psychologist (NJ #1358, NY #5614, OH #7540). Accordingly, he has a special interest and insight into matters involving mental health issues, children, domestic violence, as well as child abuse and neglect. He is a former NJ Deputy Attorney General who represented the Division of Youth and Family Services (now DCP&P) before entering the matrimonial-Family Law field in the private sector. He is intimately familiar with the issues and procedures involving forensic child custody and parenting time evaluations. He frequently consults with experts, therapists and educational specialists regarding child-related issues in divorce, custody, parenting time and relocation applications. Jonathan D. Gordon writes a blog called "Divorce, Children and Psychology in Family Court". See Jonathan D. Gordon has been appointed by various Judges as parenting coordinator as well as Guardian ad litem for children in high conflict disputes.